1. RESPONSIBILITY : - Assist and coordinate with Financial Accounting Manager to manage and support finance operation of the company. - Work closely with the Financial Accounting Manager to establish proper settlement & revenue procedures. - Deliver financial accounting, control, analysis, reports, and ensure regulatory compliance by maintaining a robust financial control environment. - Prepare weekly Cash Out-Flow Forecast reports to manage cash out of the company. - Liaise with all local and international banks for any issues of customer payments - Liaise and managing all local and international vendors to support efficiently the company’s operation. - Finalize and submit daily/monthly/quarterly/annual reports required by the management in a timely manner - Ensure to maximize the company’s benefit in term of payments to vendors especially managing efficiently the company’s cash flow - Record and reconcile all payables/fixed assets and relevant accounting transactions into general ledgers & sub ledgers. - Make sure all payment vouchers and accounting documents are properly created, signed and filed - Review the recording of revenue and receivables into the accounting system; make sure all accounting documents are properly created, signed and filed. - Perform other tasks assigned by Financial Accounting Manager QUALIFICATIONS : - Bachelor Degree in Accounting / Finance - 5 years experience - Good knowledge of Excel - Good knowledge of Corporate Finance
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