1. RESPONSIBILITIES - Report directly to Safety Manager; - To be authorized by Safety Manager to manage all activities and control of manpower of Safety Division during his/her absence; - To assist Safety Manager to improve the Company’s Safety Management System processes, including its associated documentation system; - To assist Safety Manager to manage and continually improve the Company’s Flight Data Monitoring system and Safety Reporting system; - Conduct hazard identification and risk management analysis of safety and security occurrences under the supervision of Safety Manager; - Assist in accident / incident investigations, establish causes and formulate corrective / preventative safety measures and report writing; - Assist in monitoring corrective safety actions to ensure accomplishment and effectiveness; - Assist in monitoring safety performance and communicate results to management. QUALIFICATIONS - Bachelor Degree qualifications in any fields with minimum of 3 years relevant work experience; - Relevant qualifications in in safety management system and/or human factors; - General knowledge on aviation Incident investigation; - Strong interpersonal, communications, presentation and writing skills; - For the Ground Safety Executive should have the experience in the emergency response plan training and ground safety operation; - The Cabin Crew Safety Executive should have the experience in the cabin crew position; - The Safety Executive should have the experience in Safety Management System training; - If the appointed Safety Executive does not hold the requirements above, he/she should attend the following specialized trainings to supplement the experience and qualifications: a. Safety Management System b. Safety investigation and human factors c. Emergency response d. Flight data analysis (optional) - Applicable category of Dangerous Goods training certificate, depending on scope of safety reports assigned by Safety Manager.
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