1. Responsibilities; • Responsible to deliver sale daily performance. • Collecting competition by gathering current market demand information on pricing, products, new products, delivery schedules, and merchandising techniques. • Solving customer complaints by investigating problems, developing solutions, preparing reports, and making recommendations to HOD. • Responsible to deliver Monthly, Quarterly, Annual report to HOD. • Summary sale action plan in 2 weeks with inter sale key activities by weekly to HOD. • Guideline and suggest sale staff team to work with smoother process and some technique. • Maintain good relationships and professional skills with partners. • Hunting new Inter PSA Agent and OTA as much as we can. • Handling calls from Inter PSA Agents to respond some inquiries and problems. • Responsible for sale admin tasks such as, documents process. • Tracking sale revenue by route, by agent for monitoring ad feedback to agent when sale revenue has decreased. • Analysis and initial sales incentive program to push more sales volume by monthly. • Responsible for special project that concerned with sales function to increase sales revenue.
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