1. Responsibilities : • Review the annual internal audit schedule, and its revision, and put notifications in their calendar/diary for all assigned audits. • Making contact with audit contact persons a minimum of 15 days prior to the scheduled audit to confirm on-site audit dates and arrangements; • Prepare for audits, including reviewing previous audit reports to identify items for follow-up, reviewing applicable policy and procedure manuals to ensure familiarity with requirements and identifying recent safety bulletins, notices or changes that require checking; • Ensure the content of audit checklists are relevant to the audit scope, including providing accurate cross-references to company policy and procedure manual content; • Prepare an audit timetable that will ensure all interview and observation activities associated with the scope of the audit will be completed within the assigned timeframe. This includes arranging the necessary logistical requirements (airfares, accommodation ground transfers, and expenses) for audits away from the auditor’s home city; • If working in a team of 2 or more auditors, agree on who will be the lead auditor and have a team meeting to prepare and agree upon the split of audit activities and timetable. • Perform on-site audit activities, including opening meetings, interviews, document and record reviews, workplace observations and closing meetings. Accurate records of these activities must be made on audit checklists and copies of objective evidence or photographs must be maintained for all identified non-conformances or non-compliances; • Prepare accurate Audit Report and corresponding CA/PA and issuing these to responsible managers within 7 calendar days of the completion of an on-site audit. Wherever possible the presentation of CA/PA should be during a face-to-face meeting so that details, root causes and corrective action plans can be discussed and the auditor can assist the responsible manager where necessary; • Reviewing CAR corrective action plans and corrective action closure evidence provided by responsible managers and verifying that this is acceptable. Where the response and/or evidence are unsatisfactory, correspond directly with the responsible manager until an acceptable response is received. Qualifications : • Bachelor Degree or Higher in any fields or equivalent Aviation fields are advantage. • No experience required; (For fresh graduated) • Qualifications in Operations fields such as Ground or Flight Operations; (preferred) • Knowledge Operations, safety management and human factor. • Knowledge of the Dangerous Goods regulation. • Quality Auditor Qualification; (preferred). • Strong interpersonal skills. • Report writing skills.
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